Living in a Historic Home

By Samantha Holzman   |  November 7, 2017

You don't have to go to faraway places in Europe to see historical buildings - they are right here in Ashland, Ohio!

Honey Haven Fall Festival

By Samantha Holzman   |  October 26, 2017

Looking for something to do this weekend?

United Way’s Oktoberfest: Brats, Bingo, Beer, and Polka Music!

By Samantha Holzman   |  October 5, 2017

Brats, Bingo, Beer, and Polka Music!

Living History Cemetery Walk

By Samantha Holzman   |  September 21, 2017

The Ashland County Historical Society presents: Living History Cemetery Walk. Watch history come to life at the Ashland Cemetery! Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 24th.

Ashland County Fair

By Samantha Holzman   |  September 20, 2017

Come one, come all, it's fair time again!!

Hot Air Balloons: Precise Flying

By Samantha Holzman   |  June 20, 2017

Greg Miller, Balloonmeister

Ashland BalloonFest: High Flyin' Fun for the Whole Family!

By Samantha Holzman   |  June 13, 2017

Paul Dale, pilot of Spitfire named as such because the burner spits fire to make the balloon rise! Plus...Paul likes people that have a spitfire personality! They make life fun, just like the balloon does!

Creative Chateau: A Story of Romance

By Samantha Holzman   |  April 25, 2017

Terri Meyer has found a way to combine her love for art and her husband Dan and its name is the Creative Chateau.

Mohican Wildlife Weekend: “Ohio’s Pollinators”

By Samantha Holzman   |  April 18, 2017

Looking for something to do at the end of April? Check out the Mohican Wildlife Weekend! This is their 16th annual event, happening on April 28-30th.

“Books have a unique way of bringing people together.”

By Samantha Holzman   |  April 4, 2017

Attention all bookworms- downtown Ashland recently opened a used bookstore!

The Jewel of Ashland County

By Samantha Holzman   |  March 21, 2017

Did you know that Ashland, Ohio has their very own symphony orchestra?

Antlers & Anglers

By Samantha Holzman   |  March 14, 2017

Armstrong Cable is putting on an awesome event this weekend- Antlers and Anglers!

Got the Winter blues?

By Samantha Holzman   |  February 21, 2017

Are you looking for something to do without leaving the beautiful city of Ashland?

Top 10 Cabin Fever Days

By Samantha Holzman   |  February 14, 2017

Winters in Ohio can be cold and dreary. But your days don't have to be!

“Purposeful art, studio, workspace, gathering place”

By Samantha Holzman   |  February 7, 2017

A new business has come to town and its name is The Tin Can Chandelier!

Small Town, Big Possibilities

By Madison White   |  October 4, 2016

Big cities often appeal to bigger crowds for various reasons: more restaurant selections, more things to do on a Friday night, bigger libraries to get lost in… the list is endless. But small towns also hold their appeal for different reasons.

Main's where the groovy people meet!

By Sandra Tunnell   |  August 12, 2016

Hello, friends! August is here, and has brought heat, humidity, and hot acts in downtown Ashland...

Ashland Chautauqua - 17 years strong

By Deleasa Randall-Griffiths   |  August 8, 2016

The Ashland Chautauqua Planning Committee finished its 17th year this past July. Ashland Chautauqua 2016: Voices of Freedom, included five amazing scholars from around the country.

Summer is not over!

By Sandra Tunnell   |  August 5, 2016

Hello, friends of downtown! We know that some of you view August as a winding down month, as you prepare for school, or recover from a summer full of fun, or what have you. When we were kids (yes, when dinosaurs roamed the earth), school started in September...

Five Great Things to do with Little Ones in Ashland

By Colleen Cook   |  July 21, 2016

Five Great Things

Someplace Special

By Rebecca Zickefoose   |  July 15, 2016

Ashland is someplace special.

Holy Guacamole

By Sandra Tunnell   |  July 15, 2016

Many cool things happening in Downtown Ashland!

See you Downtown!

By Sandra Tunnell   |  July 15, 2016

Come visit our groovy Downtown!

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