- Allison BarnhartAshland, Ohio

"We love Ashland! A short walk from our home and our two kiddos get to enjoy hot air balloons glowing in their favorite field to play in."

- Allison Barnhart
Ashland, Ohio

- BreAnn Fennell

"Splash Parks are a great gift to the community!"

- BreAnn Fennell

- Colleen CookAshland, Ohio

"Our favorite place to hang out is Mitchell's Orchard. Their events are the most fun to be had, their selection of fresh produce, beer, wine and home-brewing supplies is outstanding. And, they are incredibly lovely people to know. "

- Colleen Cook
Ashland, Ohio

"Ashland is a beautiful and friendly place to live. "

- Ashley
Ashland University 

"Ashland, the birthplace of love and the home of affection. "

- Jonathan
Ashland University 

"The City of Ashland truly is the "World Headquarters of Nice People". Folks here embrace visitors as well as new members of the community. It's more than a city of ordinary people, it's an extended family. "

- Jennifer Washock

"Ashland is a great city with countless hidden gems and amazing people! It caught my attention with Grandpa's Cheesebarn and I fell in love with the beautiful campus of Ashland University. This is such a unique place- there's nowhere else like it!"

- Sami Holzman

"Ashland has become a place I want to call my home because I’ve seen its heart and it’s my own. "

- Rebecca Zickefoose

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